Kontiki Restaurant-Menu

Kontiki Restaurant-Menu

assorted starters

Steamed mussels
Freshly harvested steamed mussels prepared in an ouzo stew
Mussels Saganaki
Freshly harvested mussels prepared in tomato sauce and feta chees chumks
Mastic-conditioned shrimps
Pan-fried shrimps in a mastic flavoured sauce
Shrimps Saganaki
Shrimps prepared in tomato sauce, fennel and feta cheese chunks
Gremolat-conditioned grilled shrimps
Shripms prepared on the grill with lime sauce, aromatic herbs and paremsan cheese
Aioli-seasoned langoustine chunks
Crisp langoustine chunks prepared in a lemon-flavored yoghurt sauce
Smoked herring
Warm smoked herring seasoned with sweet onion
Smoked mackerel
Smoked mackerel seasoned with parsley and onion

Marinated anchovies
Anchovies marinated in fennel and Florina sweet red peppers
Salmon Ceviche
Salmon filets lightly grilled for 1 minute and seasoned with lime
Salmon Carpaccio
Marinated salmon Carpaccio served in a beetroot and horseradish cream
Crab Salad
Kanimi crab chunks, avocado, lettuce, lime and fresh onion
Fresh, crsipy prepared calamari, seasoned with lime zest and thyme
Grilled calamari
Fresh calamari prepared on the grill ans seasoned with a mixture of basil-flavored olive oil and lemon
Octopus casserole
Octopus prepared in a red wine and orange juice sauce

Grilled Octopus
Octopus prepared on the grill and seasined with citrus conditioned olive oil
Mustardy Octopus
Octopus prepared in a mild mustard sauce
Octopus with balsamic-seasoned onions on the side
Octopus prepared in low fire, in balsamic vinegar and sweet onions
Mini shrimps from Symi island
Tiny-sized, crispy pan-fried; the original Symi island mini shrimps
Fricasse cuttlefish
Squid prepared with local greens and seasoned with lemon
Small fried fish
Assorted small pan-fried fish (ask for what is available), seasoned with locally produced olive oil
Grilled sardines
Sardines prepared on the grill, conditioned with assorted aromatic herbs, olive oil and lemon juice
Octopus rissoles-a Kalymnos island specialty
Cuttlefish prepared in its own ink

earth treasures

Split peas purèe
Black eyed beans
String beans
Pitaroudia (chickpea rissoles)
Summer season´s greens on the pan
Falafel served with sesame seed purée on the side
Oven-baked potato


Traditional Greek salad
Cretan Dakos (barley rusk with feta cheese and tomato)
Rocket, cherry tomatoes,  and grilled Manouri cheese
Mirmizeli from Kalymnos
Grilled greens with grilled Haloumi cheese
Boiled greens, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice

assorted dips

Ouzo-flavored Tzatziki
Aubergine purée
Beetroot purée
Spicy cheese purée
Fish roe purèe


Sea urchin roe spaghetti
Mussels spaghetti
Clam spaghetti
Shrimp spaghetti Napolitaine
Kontiki shrimp spaghetti
Seafood pilaf
Lobster spaghetti (to be ordered in adavance)

grilled meat

Veal filet served with thyme-seasoned potatoes and an assorted peper sauce
Grilled chicken with veggies on the side
Pork fillet on the grill, served with pilaf and mustard sauce

ouzo assorted sides

Small platter
Big platter

sea treasures

Ark shells
Venus clams
Sea urchins
Sea squirts
Purple dye murex
Sea snails
Natural “Viagra” straight from the sea
*Depending on availability

fresh fish of the day

Gilthead sea bream
Sea bass
Red porgy
Prime quality (jumbo) shrimps
Red mullets

assorted seafood platters

Seafood bonanza for two

gourmet suggestions

Smoked Sturgeon
New Style Seafood
Osano maguro
Kabayaki Eel
Salmon Sashimi
Tuna Sashimi
Safran-seasoned fish roe cream