Damboise Menu

D´amboise Restaurant Menu


Salmon with aromatic creme cheese
Veal sirloin fillet, parmesan cream
Greek sausage, feta cheese
Mushroom saute, anthotiro cheese


Salmon with aromatic cream
Veal sirloin fillet, parmesan cream
Greek sausage, feta cheese
Chicken fillet, cheddar cheese
Beef patty,  yougurt sauce
Antipasti plate of cold meats & cheese

Antipasti plate of cold meats & cheese


Tortellini stuffed with cheese, creamy yoghurt sauce, herbs, parmesan cheese
Strigolloni, smoked pancetta, mushrooms, graviera cheese
Fusilli with spicy tomato sauce, sausage, eggplant cream, Feta cheese


Smoked salmon salad, roots, green salad, cucumber, sweet mustard-horseradish dressing
Green salad with seasonal vegetables, griled chicken, anthotyro (greek soft cheese)
Mixed salad with rocket, grapes, prisciutto crudo, grilled manouri cheese, honey vinaigrette
Green salad with iceberg, grilled chicken, crispy bacon, parmessan cheese, crotons, dressing D´amboise

D´amboise Recipes

Burger made of 100% beef meat, honey bun, rocket salad, tomato, crsipy bacon, emmental cheese, sauce D´ambosie, crispy wedges
Pita with grilled chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, green leafs, tomato, homemade coleslaw salad, crispy wedges
Pork neck steak. potataoes with thyme, Mavrodafni wine sauce
Thin fillets of veal sirloin, bearnaisesås, fresh french fries
Chicken breast schnitzel, mushroom sauce, crispy wedges, small green salad